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Our 8 Step Buying Process:

Beginning your home search can be an overwhelming task. Because of that, our team makes sure that you, and all other potential buyers, understand each of the 8 steps that we take to make the process as easy and painless as possible. By the end of your search, with our support and guidance, you'll be able to reflect on how truly enjoyable the process was!

Meet in person and create a wishlist

Let’s get to know each other! We’ll sit down and talk through the process of buying a home. Come prepared with your dream home's "must have" list.


Getting pre-qualified is the first of the mortgage process. To get started, you supply a bank or lender with a financial summary that includes debt, income, and assets. Using that information, they will make an approximation of the mortgage amount for which you will qualify.

The next step in the process is getting pre-approved. This is a deeper dive.  The lender will be looking more closely into your financials and history to make sure all is well. Once you get pre-approved, the lender will be able to tell you the specific mortgage amount for which you qualify.

Listing alerts sent to you based on your criteria

Using what we've learned about your home wishlist, we will set up an automatic search. You’ll get notifications about the listings that we know you'll be excited about. Be sure to let us know if one (or more) jumps out at you so that we can move to the next step and schedule a showing.

Schedule showings and attend open houses

This is when the buying process gets really fun! We’ll go to open houses and schedule showings from the listing alerts you loved. We’ll talk how the budget works and make sure that we find you the perfect home.

Find the perfect home and write an offer

A little scary, but very exciting! One of three things will happen when putting in an offer on a house: the offer is accepted, it’s rejected, or you get a counteroffer. We’ll walk you through each of those possibilities and how to handle them. Once the offer is accepted and your finances are in order, we'll move forward to the next step!

Acceptance, inspection and appraisal

The sellers accepted your offer.  Hooray!  Now is the time to have your future home inspected.  For this process, the inspector will go through the home and check the condition of all things structural and mechanical.  While doing this, they take detailed notes and several pictures to make things easier for you to understand and remember.  Once that process is complete, we move on to the appraisal.  This is one of the last steps before you get the keys to your home!  The appraisal is ordered by your lender and guarantees that the price of the home is in line with the current market.  

Time to close and get the keys

It’s time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s because you’re closing on your home! This step includes going through all of the final paperwork and signing your name. Remember to bring all of the paperwork you’ve collected along the way, your down payment, and a photo ID.

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